Amardeen Cafe for the best Lebanese food around

Are you vegetarian/vegan, or perhaps you are looking to incorporate more vegetarian dishes into your diet? Are you dealing with an illness of immune dysfunction? You won’t find a better restaurant to address these dietary needs than the Amardeen Cafe, where they have many dishes to choose from for your healthy eating style. With relatively half the menu offerings being Vegan, your choices are many. No more having to search for that one item that will accommodate your vegetarian needs! Just look for the apricot symbol, and you’re off on your gastrocnemic adventure!

Using only the finest, freshest ingredients, you will find the Dolma (stuffed grape leaves) a wonderful way to start your healthy dining adventure through this Lebanese/Mediterranean menu. Prepared by seasoning rice with parsley, onions and tomatoes, (antioxidants=happy cells) our chefs stuff this mixture into grape leaves roll them, and steam them just until tender. Topped with a lemon infused sauce, they please the taste buds. Nutritionally, grape leaves contain a good amount of Vitamin A, along with smaller amount of Vitamin C – both stellar antioxidants. Lemon is also a great source of these vitamins, and has the added bonus of being an anti-inflammatory. These are a true Vegan delight, and a staple of any Lebanese/Mediterranean diet.

Yes, good for you can taste so good!!!

We are conveniently located at 8915 Towne Centre Drive, Ste. 103. San Diego, CA 92122. (Click here for directions) 858-404-1395.

Amardeen Cafe San Diego's Best new Lebanese Restaurant in San Diego